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[Fanfic 4, cap. 21] Loyalty, Honor etc - In Dungeons Deep
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Actually, Thorin had been away since their first attempt to get help from whoever had fires on. Obviously, they were Wood-elves, whose king was Thranduil, Thorin’s disaffection. As soon as he stepped on the elven circle, he fell down to sleep and they grabbed, bound and carried him away.
Once inside the stone palace and throne halls, the elven spell was taken off from him and he woke up to one of his worst nightmares: to be faced to Thranduil and not having an axe handy to solve old quarries.
Albeit Thranduil and his people were elves, which meant one of the free peoples of Middle-Earth, the peoples who never accepted Morgoth’s or Sauron’s domination, they were of the elven people who never knew Valinor, the Blessed Realm; they were more dangerous and less wise, as Thranduil’s decision when Erebor was first attacked showed clearly. If Thorin’s stating that ‘you can never trust an elf’ had to be meant to one person specifically, it was right when meant to Thranduil.
Not that he was evil to his own people; he just was greedy for wealth, with a weakness for white stones and silver. The lands he used to claim as his realm, and that thousands years history agreed to it, were wealthy in special woods and woodland herbs, but once they were in silver and gold; yet, centuries of mining depleted it. If he was to keep his way of life, he would have to increase his hoard, and his own land didn’t offer the means to reach the level he wanted. So, for long years already, Thranduil was thinking about Erebor’s treasure, that none of its heirs was to be heard about, but that there was a dragon he was completely scared off of even thinking about doing something against it.
Now, having Thorin as prisoner in his halls was an opportunity to make a bargain and grant himself some of the treasure, without having to deal personally with the dragon.
“Thorin Oakenshield. It has been a long time.”
“Not long enough.” Was the only answer.
“Now, why did you and your folk attack my people at their merrymaking?”
“We did not attack them, we came to beg, because we were starving.”
To have him conceding that he and his people were begging to an elf was something Thorin’s grandfather would be double back somersaulting in his grave if he knew it.
“Where are they now?”
“Most probably, starving in the forest.”
“What were you doing in the forest?”
“Looking for food and water, because we were starving.”
“Why did you come into the forest at all?”
And to this the dwarf shut his mouth and said nothing more.
“So be it.”
Thranduil turned to a slender elf woman, dark haired and dressed up with a little more discreteness as the other guards.
“Tauriel, take our guest to appropriate rooms until he feels willing to talk. We have no hurry.”
And so Thorin was taken by the elf woman and some more guards to a very deep cave dungeon, with a strong wooden door, striped off of his hauberk, vambraces and any kind of stuff that not his simplest garments and boots (fortunately his grandfather’s map and key where well hidden in his underwear). His weapons had been taken away right when they got him there in the forest. But they gave him food and plenty of water, which at the moment was vital.
After he ate and drunk and thanked Mahal for it, he begun to wonder where his Company was and what they were doing. He thought about his nephews, those valiant brats; his wise counselor and mighty warlord, Balin and Dwalin; untrained but good willing Ori, his clever brother Nori and their oldest brother, patient and perfectionist Dori; orderly Óin, creative Glóin; distraught but utterly reliable warfarer Bifur, his cousins, all embracing Bombur and all settling Bofur; always surprising Bilbo; and the unthinkable female triplet, Iris, Ellen and his Lily flower.
He remembered how the elf introduced themselves first time, and wondered why, and to what one each name would fit, but with no success. Since they became part of the Company, each one had shown her own measure of loyalty, honor and willing heart. Only then it startled him that those were the virtues he mentioned to Balin, back at Bag End, that he valued above any other in the members of his Company. Probably Balin was right. It was serendipity, not chance. How, if not out of serendipity, could he have found out there in the wild the lady who filled his heart with joy and eased his mind from his burdens? And now he knew not where she was, or anyone of his loyal Company. So it was that, after years uncounted, proud Thorin Oakenshield knelt to the ground, spread his bare hands on the floor, touched the stone with his forehead, and prayed.


When the women sent out alarm that Thorin was not there, the dwarves and Bilbo woke up and started to speak all at once. It was almost getting pitch dark again, as they slept only when finally got at a place safe from the spiders and had to recover from the poisonous bites they got. But their leader not being there was an emergency, and they decided to try to find the path even not having any idea of where it might be. Obviously, they got lost at once, and they first attempt to head to the elves’ fires was enough for them to be made prisoners.
The elves tied and counted them, who were too weak, hungry and tired to even think about protesting. Bilbo was not among them, for he had put on his ring and disappeared as soon as he saw the firelights. The dwarves, the red haired hobbit and the elf with them were blindfolded and made to go into the forest at a steady pace.
They heard the sound of water and then felt it was an enclosed place, like a cave, but fresh aired and clean of dust. The company walked a lot more until the air around them gave a sense of wider space than before, and they were halted.
By order of the king they were unfolded, and seeing elves all around her and having been warned against Thranduil, Ellen put a plan to work at once. As soon as she got a sight of the red leaves and berries crowned king, she put her tied hands in front of her breast and made her best to be convincing.
“Thanks to Varda you saved me! This band of accursed dwarves kidnapped me and made me their prisoner, only the Valar know to what evil purpose, and you made me free!”
Some of the dwarves begun to mumble a protest, but Iris and Lily managed to glance warnings at most of them and Kíli and Fíli kicked some others.
“She was armed as all of them, o Thranduil king!” Spoke out a dark-red haired elf woman that later they would come to know as Tauriel.
“They let me use my swords because I could protect them from the spiders with them, and anyway what could I myself alone do against this lot?”
The king signaled to Tauriel.
“Let her speak.” Then he turned again to Ellen. “Who are you, where are you from and where did they rob you?”
“I am Ellen, from out of the circles of Arda.”
She knew she could not lie completely at him or it would be perceived, although he didn’t have the mind reading ability Galadriel had, only something that she sensed as probing her mind; so she put it in a way that was true but didn’t quite explain anything.
“They made me prisoner east from Imladris.”
That was when Thorin accepted her relationship with Kíli, so then she was really a prisoner to her commitment vows.
Thranduil put a finger tip on his lower lip and pondered.
“What were you doing there?”
“I am sorry to say, but Ólorin sent me on a secret mission and I am under a spell from Elrond, my memory is blurred of anything that can jeopardy it; even if I could tell you I would not be able to at all.”
This was the worst half-truth in all her life, and she knew it, but having mentioned the Valie that was the star maker as Varda instead of Elentári, and Ólorin instead of Mithrandir, had shown she was used to very old lore, and that would have to be checked out too. As she was seemingly willing to talk, that could come later, Thranduil thought, dismissing her to one of the guards and then he begun to question the company, to no good. Ellen still shot a glance and a small wink at Kíli, who was looking at her when she passed by.
The blond elf guided her to rooms that weren’t exactly what she expected from dungeons, but where she would be guarded anyway until the elven king was over with her. Some food and fresh water were brought, but she was not left alone.
“Help yourself?”
Ellen asked the blond, who thanked her.
“No, thanks. I’m here just to make you some company. It must have been a though time with that bunch of dwarves.”
“You cannot imagine how, sir…”
She would bet her beard, if she had one, that he would try to get more information from her if he could. And she would do the same with him, of course. It would be fun if the safety of her friends were not at stake.
“Legolas, at your service.”
“Ah!” She remembered some hints about him. “The Greenleaf, is it right?”
“Yes.” He smiled. “May I ask from where you know my name, Lady Ellen?”
She closed her eyes and some neutral movie scenes came to her mind. She shook her head.
“You just would not believe if I told you.”
“Yes, I would!”
He was of the curious sort.
“No, you would not!”
And she shook her head again, biting a bread slice. She remembered he was good natured, and although son of the king there was a slight chance she could, maybe, get his help, if she only got him to trust her. But how?
“You resemble the king, your father, but your eyes are your mother’s.”
“Yes, but how do you know?” He asked, startled. “And who told you he is my father?”
It is the genetics, stupid!’ She thought, but said instead. “It is written in your eyes for one who knows how to read them.”
“You must have learnt very strange things where you came from. Is it true you are out of the circles of Arda?”
“If it were not true, wouldn’t you father already know it?”
Legolas stood her stare, and his look was pure.
“He would.”
“So, I guess you can trust my words, it seems.”
“Seemingly.” He agreed.
Good.’ Ellen thought. ‘Now all I have to do is to measure my words and turn him into an ally. My Human Resources Director would be proud of me.


After Ellen got out of the throne halls, the king questioned the dwarves and the hobbit-lass, to no result. Thranduil thought they would be softer than their leader, but they proved to be at least as stubborn as him. Even from Iris the king got a measure of anger, as she put her chin up and faced him.
“If people go lost in your realm because your roads are really, really bad, and get attacked by your eight-legged pets, is that our fault?”
As the elves hated the spiders and had no mercy at them, accusing Thranduil of having that awful creatures as pets was the worst mistake the halfling girl could have done. It was the password for all of them to be sent to the dungeons at once, and to be treated like Thorin had been the day before, but not before being scolded by the elven-king.
“It is a crime to wander in my kingdom without permission, halfling. And after you having attacked my people in the forest and risen the spiders, all this disturbance allows me to demand to know who you are and why are you wandering in my realm. Some time in prison may teach you better manners and loosen your tongues.”


For the first days, Bilbo felt miserable, hiding in the corners, afraid of being found even with his ring on, almost not daring to sleep for fear of being caught. He ate and drank what he found unguarded, and roamed about the palace trying to find out what could be done to free his friends. The doors were enchanted, he found out quickly, not allowing a direct approach to the issue. Feeling more burglar than he ever thought he would feel in his life, he begun to systematically map the palace and to follow every hint he heard that could help him to find the Company and release them.
It was not long until Bilbo found where Ellen was hosted, although with a bit more freedom than the others, but it was only because the king believed that she, being an elf, would rather turn to him or his son and vent out what she knew about the dwarves quest.
One evening the elf of the Company took a bath and was preparing herself to eat her dinner alone when the hobbit appeared out of the blue, taking his ring off.
“What are you doing here?” She asked, scared for the sudden appearance.
“You are really getting into the family uses, ain’t you? What about a ‘Good evening, mister Baggins, how have you fared?’ Or something like this?”
She took a deep breath and agreed, nodding, then knelt and hugged him, happy to see him sound and safe.
“Sorry, Bilbo, you just scared me, really. Take a seat, eat something. I’ve had plenty of food, I don’t know how you are managing.”
He did as she said and answered simply, his mouth full of bread and cheese.
By the amount of food she saw him put into his mouth she thought he was getting into dwarves’ manners, too.
“I came in when they brought you your dinner. I’m sorry to say I’ll have to stay for the night, as they will not unlock the door until tomorrow, as I know you noticed by the amount of times you tried to open it at night.”
He wolfed down a chicken leg.
“I hope you don’t mind, because there was no other way we could talk without having that blond one around you.”
Bilbo munched on an apple pie slice.
“And before you worry, they will not come along this corridor for the next couple of hours, so we can talk with no care at all.”
“Great!” She ate two lettuce leaves and some tomato slices. “What did you find out already? How are the others? Do you have news from Thorin?”
The hobbit counted on his fingers as he answered.
“Little, fine, and no, to make it short, but as we have time I’ll give you a full report, as you use to say. What have you found out already?”
“First, that the elven king is a square-toed loggerhead who believes the world turns around himself, so we cannot count on him to come to reason and free us; second, that his son is of another alloy than him, so in Legolas we may find help, we just must find out how to make him disrupt with his father enough to help us without putting his own status at risk, because he is too much linked to tradition to detach from his father and his own people, there is no way he would do it. I perceive he has a kind of soreness towards Thranduil, I could not figure out why; if we can discover it, it could be the key for us to handle him to our aid. Third, if I get no news from Kíli soon, I’ll go crazy.”
She finished numbering the items on her fingers and reached for a hidden bottle under her bed. “Legolas smuggled me some wine, may I pour you some? I hope you don’t mind to share the cup, I have only one here at my humble lodgings.”
The hobbit laughed.
“I believe I’m learning to mind only what is really meaningful; after you get through days without food and then more days with no means to communicate with the ones who you care for, sharing a cup is just a detail.”
She filled the cup with wine and handled it to him.
“And the Company? My nieces, the boys, Kíli, how are they, what has been done to them?”
He took the cup and sipped a small draught.
“They are being fed and lodged almost like you are, just their cells are simpler and they have no kind elf to cicerone them out of where they are, but then they don’t have someone asking them questions all day long, which can be utterly disturbing for most people; I, personally, don’t know how you handle it.”
Ellen laughed quietly.
“You didn’t have the bosses I had.” Bilbo handled her the wine cup and she took a sip. “And Kíli?”
“I’ll answer you at once because if you go as pressing as him I’ll find a way to get out of this room trough the key hole if needed.”
She weaved one hand and held her own forehead with the other, which Bilbo took as a good omen.
“He misses you and asks about you first thing when I go close to him. He’s doing fine in every other way, rest assured.”
She poured more wine in it and handled the cup back to Bilbo.
“And the girls?”
“Two or three answers in one. Iris is doing fine as the rest of the Company, everyday the chief of the guard goes question them and no one tells her nothing; lady Lily cries a lot when she thinks there is no one around, but otherwise she is fine too. The prisoners are scattered at different levels of the palace, so none can talk to another; I must really be focused on what is important, else I’d be relegated as an errand boy by them. I guess there can be something weird happening because I heard a guard telling to another that ‘they are as stubborn as their leader’, and, how can they possibly state this if Thorin is not here? It is just a matter of finding him, I deem.”
“Bilbo, you are Booleanly right!”
“I am what?”
“It doesn’t matter. You are right, Thorin must be here. You must find him, he must know we are all alive and at his service.”
“Yes, and then we must find a way out of here.”
“For this I count on you, you are the only really free to wander in the palace.”
He nodded.
“I have most of it mapped right here.” And he tapped a finger to his head. “But there are still some tunnels to scan.”
Ellen finished the wine and put the cup down on the small table and hid the empty bottle under the bed.
“See if you find out where from came this, they don’t grow vineyards here, the wine must come from somewhere.”
“Obvious, but what does it matter?”
“A path that is good enough to be used to cart goods will be good enough for us to walk away from here.”
“And spider-less, I hope.”
"I´m shieldmaiden, and my hand is ungentle."