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[Fanfic 4, cap. 14] Loyalty, Honor etc - Underhill
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Ellen was slumbering in her uneasy thoughts, one hand on her long sword’s hilt, as she used to do when in watch, and the other caressing Kíli’s hair, as she used to do whenever possible, when she more sensed than heard Bilbo light steps on the sand floor. The darkness of the cave plus her downwards cloak hood made it uttermost unperceivable that she was awake and aware, and so she kept to herself. But Bofur, close to the cave’s entrance, didn’t.
“Where are you going?” Bofur whispered to the hobbit.
Bilbo stopped in his steps and looked back to Bofur
“I am going back to Rivendell.” Bilbo stated, desolated.
“What? But why?”
“Bofur, I am really sorry, but I don’t belong to all of this, this...” He was fighting to find the right words. “... this treasure-seeking, these grandiloquent things; I just want to be back home at the Shire, to live my normal life...”
Bofur shook his head disapprovingly.
“You are just homesick. It happens to all of us.”
“No, it doesn’t!” Bilbo was on his clueless mode. “You see, I’m really not used to live this way, wandering, each day at one place, homeless, and...”
Then he perceived Bofur’s hurt gaze at him, and looked at the other dwarves. If he could bury his head on the ground right then, he would. He shook his head, not having words to mend what he’d already said. But Bofur had.
“I wish you luck. And that you will be happy anywhere you go to. I really wish.”
Bofur was about to embrace Bilbo when they heard her.
“But I don’t!”
A hushed and angry soprano voice called behind him. Bilbo put his hands on his head and closed his eyes hard when he heard Iris.
“You are abandoning us! Abandoning me! What do you think you are doing, your selfish brat?”
Bilbo was completely distressed by Iris’s quiet outburst. She was about to hit his chest again with her closed fists, with all her hobbit-size might, albeit not disturbing anyone of the sleeping company. But then Bofur noticed a slight blue gleam around Bilbo’s scabbard edge.
“What is this?”
“What is what?”
Wake up!” Thorin’s voice boomed in the cave as the sand glissaded through a crack in the floor. He wasn’t asleep either when the hobbit sneaked his way and perceived the danger as soon as it appeared. In no time at all they all were falling through a tunnel, then down on a scaffold like thing and surrounded by pale ugly and not properly dressed creatures that pushed them along a narrow path, none of them too gently. Soon they were in front of a big round-bellied mass of fat with seemingly a bone thing in his head for a crown and the worst case of goiters one could think of. The Company had been stripped of their weapons, which were lain in a heap between them and the bariatric surgery applicant.
“What have you brought to me, hmm?” His voice was as loud as he was fat.
“Dwarves, your Malevolence, plus an accursed elf,” The goblin spat the word in disgust. “and this.” He shoved Iris closer to the Great Goblin.
“Hmm, and what is this, I wonder? An elf puppy?” He laughed out loud from his own bad joke. “Strange days there are when dwarves and elves walk in the same company. And what was this lot doing at my porch? Spying? With all this weaponry on you, menacing my people? Speak!”
All of the company stayed mute as a stone.
“So, if you won’t talk, then you will squawk, that’s what I say!” His voice boomed to his brood. “Bring the Bone-Breaker! We will have some fun!” The goblin crew cheered him up. “And with whom will we begin, huh?” He eyed them, amused. “The accursed elf? Or the puppy?”
Ellen thought that if he called her niece a puppy once again it would be more than Iris’ patience would bear, but under the circumstances it was not likely that anything would happen like the first time someone had the stupid idea of calling her a puppy.


Five years old Iris came whining to her aunt on a community barbecue. She sobbed angrily to her, complaining.
“Aunty, the naughty boy took my softy and doesn’t give it back! I asked him please, but he didn’t! I want my softy!”
Ellen looked at the crying girl and cursed in silence, because the little one had been so happy when she got the orange soft drink before lunch that it was uttermost unfair that it should be gone. It would be easy to get the can from the brat and finish the complaining, but it would not finish it for life. Iris would have her first class of squelching a problem Ellen style.
“Go say to him that if he doesn’t return it to you he will suffer dire consequences.”
The girl run to try to fix her problem, only to come back sobbing even more.
“He...”  She hiccuped. “...he said he would not and that I whine like a puppy! I am not a puppy!”
It was getting worse, but could come out better.
“Iris flower, dear, what’s your daddy’s name?”
“Wolf... Wolfram...”
“You see, he has a wolf in his name. Do you know a wolf is a very powerful predator?”
“That no one messes with a wolf and gets out unscathed?”
“If you are a puppy, it is the puppy of a brave wild wolf, do you understand?”
“Yes!” She whinnied no more.
“And what does the young of a wolf to one who harms it?”
Iris smiled mischievously and ran away. Five minutes later the parents of the boy were complaining that their precious kid had been bitten by a red haired monster.


Thorin moved to the front of his Company, making sure Iris would be behind him, and faced the Great Goblin.
“Leave them alone. This company answers solely to me.”
“Very well, indeed. What do we have here? Thorin Oakenshield, son of Thráin, son of Thrór! King Under the Mountain!” His voice sounded amused. “Ouch, but I forgot! You have no mountain at all! Which makes you... nobody, really!” Thorin clenched his teeth but kept his adamant gaze at the fat ball. “I have a friend who will pay dearly for your head. Just the head, nothing attached! I bet your beard you know him. The Pale Orc, that’s him.”
Thorin eyes went narrow in disbelief. He himself hat cut that accursed one’s forearm at the gates of Khazad-Dûm, the very day he lost his grandfather and earned his nickname.
“The Defiler died years ago from his wounds.”
“Indeed?” The jelly globe laughed. “He will be amused to know it, I am sure!”
While they talked some of the smaller goblins were ransacking the weapon pile. One of them begun to unsheathe Orcrist and its dim blue light could be seen, much to the goblins dread.
“What is this? The Biter! The sword that killed thousands of our kin!” There was no more amusement in the Goblin King’s voice. There was fear, and hatred. “Slash them! Beat them! Kill them!”
The goblins swarmed around the Company, who was being kicked, punched and hit, to say the least, fighting with their bare hands and the will power that emerges from despair, when a sudden flash of light blinded them all and was gone with an aftershock that sent them all to the floor and to the abyss several goblins, wood planks and rubbish of all kinds. A powerful commanding voice was heard.
“Fight, you fools!” Gandalf silhouette could be seen close to where the Great Goblin was seated before. “Take your arms and fight!”
There was no need for a second call to take the arms. Bombur and Bofur, who were closest to the pile, reached for them and managed to throw them up in the air, from where the others deftly grabbed them and followed Gandalf’s advice to fight, as if it was needed.
Gandalf himself was doing an astoundingly god job both with his staff as with Glamdring. Fluffy Cake King was at loss when he saw it gleaming blue when stabbing his band necks and other vitals.
“He wields the Foe Hammer! The Beater! Bright as daylight!”
Trying to hide in his throne did him no good, as he was some hundreds of pounds past the size when it would be barely possible. The wizard and Thorin went for him at the same time and made true Elrond’s words, that no a parsley was worthy to be bet when they both were at wilding that swords. They send him stumbling down the rampart and Gandalf called once more.
And run they did, as fast as they could while managing the attacking goblins from every side. Having a band of them coming directly in front of them, Dwalin made loose a handrail and used it as a long spear, swishing from side to side of the path, sending down the pit half a dozen at a time. They were on two wooden paths, one above the other, and on the other Gandalf leaded the row with Thorin at his side. Iris fought hard to stay close to them, because she felt that if she ever was left behind there would be no means to catch up again, but even behind the two mighty swordsmen she had her opportunity to use every bit of technique Fíli had taught her. Absolutely no time to think that those monsters trying to kill them were living things: they were a mistake, at best.
Lily was wielding her new sword around her with all her might, thankful for the private lessons Thorin’s interest in her provided. Kíli had lost his bow too, and was wielding his sword deftly to avoid the coming arrows from the goblins, until he found a ladder that could be used as a shield and then to pull the creatures in front of them, and then as a bridge. On the company ran, Bombur and Ellen at the rear, when she heard Thorin shout from ahead.
“Ellen, kill the dummies!”
She acted with not a glimpse of a thought, out of sole training, having done this so many times back at Imladris’ exhaustive mornings. She took a stronger hold on the hilts, kept the shorter sword in front of her to be used a shield if needed and spun around herself with Lócënehtar outstretched. A heap of goblin dismembered limbs fell on the wooden path along with its owners, while the elf resumed her run behind Bombur in the same movement.
They succeeded in regrouping at the same level and Thorin commanded them to cut the cords that hold a stretch of bridge; this way they managed to leave a substantial goblin mass behind and have a free way before them. It was much better to run without sticky hands trying to grab them and every kind of weapon trying to find their vitals. The company was on another bridge when to their dismay the Goblin King jumped up in front of them, demolishing part of the bridge and allowing time for his brood to gather up both behind and in front of them. He was angry now.
“You thought you could escape me?”
And he smashed the planks in front of him with his ram skull rod and with a second blow made Gandalf almost fall back, which was prevented only by the dwarves’ and Iris support.
“What are going to do now, wizard?”
Gandalf’s quick answer was to hit Great Exophthalmos’ eye with his staff, making him stumble back, and a fast blow of Glamdring exposed several inches of his bacon layer. He stumbled forward, recognizing his own end with a knowing look past the wizard.
“That will do it, puppy!”
Then a little red haired devil ran forward, gaining momentum with her speed, jumped up holding her twin swords crossed in front of her, uncrossing them as she fell down shaving Goblin King’s dewlap and the throat behind it.
No one calls me puppy!”
Then the Fat Factory fell down, breaking the already weakened wooden bridge. Gandalf was almost unable to grab the hobbit-lass trousers before she fell down after her prey, but she steadied herself threading her swords into the wood of the falling bridge. The stretch fell down, broken behind of them too, and they had nowhere to hold on as the wooden structure got down like an awkward roller coaster. Sure it was just minutes, but it felt like a whole life for most of them. They landed fairly close to a trail that brought in a fresh gust of air, but the goblins were coming at a terrible speed to get them. Planks of all kinds and sizes fell on or around them. It could only be Lily’s always optimistic voice that stated just after they landed.
“It cannot get any worse!”
Just then the corpse of the Goblin King fell onto them, smashing what was still to be smashed.
“We must make it to daylight! It is our only chance! Now!”
Gandalf’s commanding voice brought reason and strength to all of them, who hurried to get out of the wooden planks, get any weapon to be seen and followed Gandalf as quickly as they could.
"I´m shieldmaiden, and my hand is ungentle."